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The exploits of the Kelly Gang in documents and photographs have breathed life and fire into Australian history. The blistering rhetoric of the Jerilderie Letter, the unforgettable images of Glenrowan burning and the last photograph of Ned, taken the day before he died so his family might have something to remember him by. These texts are irreplaceable, allowing us to see the human dimensions of a tragedy that represented wider social forces.

The figures of Ned’s sisters, Maggie and Kate, have been shadowy. Photographs are rare and those that exist have sometimes been enhanced. Signatures for Ned and Maggie are extant but few have been available for Kate Kelly, the young sister whose innocent appeal provoked the police assault that sparked the Outbreak.

Now a signed photograph of Kate has been uncovered, one of a series of Cartes-des-Visite, sold at the Sydney Waxworks Exhibition in 1881. She is facing the camera, dressed in a costume that is part riding habit, part mourning dress. She is all of seventeen years old, a veteran of two years of strife that decimated her close-knit family – a mother jailed, two brothers dead and public notoriety and shame.

This photograph too, is irreplaceable, one of only a few images that allow us to see the shape and character of this young girl. Trapped by the spotlight, condemned by association, she had exhibited herself, along with brother, Jim and relics from Glenrowan as a way of confronting her dilemma. The police hounded them, closing down the exhibitions, forcing a retreat that ended in Forbes, Central NSW, and her early death.


Sydney Morning Herald (photo by Steven Siewart)

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